Victoria’s Secret Collegiate Collection

When it comes to bras and slutty lingerie, I am 100% a Frederick’s of Hollywood girl.

I told you guys about their amazing Hollywood Exxtreme Collection bra…AH-MAY-ZEEN.

But…Whoa! I just discovered Victoria’s Secret has college gear. This is just in time for college football!!!

I’m not a Vicky fan…but HEY! When it comes to advertising my favorite school, there can NEHEVER be too much branding!!!!

I LOVE their LSU Collegiate Collection. Super cute…nothing better than sporting purple and gold and reppin the Tigers.

Tiger fans, hurry up. I know all the HAWT SEXY chics support LSU, so this line is sure to sell out fast.

I’m sure they’ll have plenty stuff leftover for the other schools though:)

Sooo…if you’re lame, and don’t root for the mighty Tigers, here’s the other colleges/universities they carry.

Victoria’s Secret Pink® Collegiate Collection

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