Are Little Girls Too Sexy?

Is fashion pushing the box too much when it comes to the sexualization of little girls?

Recently 10 year old Thylane Loubry Blondeau made headlines with a sexy photo shoot for Vogue magazine.

American Eagle raised eyebrows for its teen targeted push up bra professing to add 2 cup sizes to a teen’s bustline.

Abercrombie and Fitch is touting a padded bikini top for 8 year olds.

Now French clothing company Jours Après Lunes says it is the first designer brand dedicated to “loungerie,” Lingerie and loungewear for children ages 3 months and older.

I totally get the concept of little girls wanting to dress up like they see mommy do, but these advertising campaigns and magazine spreads using little girls to look too grown up is getting to be a bit much.

If it were a kid line with kids looking like kids playing in a park with natural makeup and pigtails, FINE.

But the Jours Après Lunes pics have the little girls made up to look like adults clad in pearls, Bridget Bardot/Amy Winhouse beehives, oversized sunglasses, and provacative poses.

This is the difference between CUTE and CREEPY.

Some call all this “cutting edge, fashion breakthrough, and edgy”. I call it a damn shame.

This trend of little girls aspiring to be too sexy and grown up is creating a future generation chasing and aspiring to be something they’re not.

I know first hand how the media and fashion industry’s glorification of certain images can damage a child.

I grew up in an era that the standard of beauty dictated by fashion was long blonde hair, blue eyes, milky colored skin, and a very slim body. Magazines were flooded with Christy Brinkley, Farrah Fawcett, Claudia Schiffer ….

Seeing so many repeated images of this eventually led to my dislike for my jet black hair, tan skin, and almond eyes (I was a scrawny kid so I was happy to at least have the skinny lanky body… 1 for 4 was a start).

Fashion and the media is powerful.

It can truly shape a generation.

Thankfully, the  blonde hair blue eyed reign of beauty was expanded. Eventually after many years, new ideals for what is attractive began to emerge and become popular.

Today I feel such a sense of pride when I see the exotic look of dark hair, chestnut eyes, and golden brown skin on magazine pages.

Women like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jessica Alba are regulars for top selling magazine covers.

I hope the clothing and fashion industry do not continue to perpetuate and glorify the sexiness of youth.

A generation of little girls is gonna be dramatically traumatized if this doesn’t stop.

My Magic 8 ball shows me a lot of therapy hours and sexuality issues in store for these little girls.

Let little girls be little girls.

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