Grandpa Is Famous!

No one can ever tell me that toddlers do not know how to make correlations in life.

This epiphany dawned on me when Bronson was 2.5 years old. We were making microwave popcorn and all of a sudden, he kept saying, “GRANDPA GUS“.

He said it like 5 times and kept smiling.

I thought, awww….how sweet. He misses his Grandpa Gus.

But, it was more than that…he was trying to tell me something.

Then he started pointing to the popcorn box and saying, “GRANDPA GUS!”.

Then it finally hit me…Bronson thinks his Grandpa is ORVILLE REDENBACHER!!!!


I had the biggest burst of laughter then called and emailed half my family to take a poll and see if they saw the similarities too. LOL. Now, it’s an ongoing family joke.

So, every time we go to the grocery store, Bronson proudly points out to all the supermarket shoppers that his Grandpa Gus is the man on the red popcorn boxes.

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