My Son’s 2 Fave Things In NYC…And My LEAST Fave

The main focus of my NYC trip was to make sure my son had the time of his life.

He did.

Thanks to F.A.O Schwarz and Dylan’s Candy Bar.

If you take the kiddies to NY, these are definitely places you don’t wanna miss!

An inviting welcome to F.A.O from perky human toy soldiers

Our goofiest pose by the Lego Ms. Liberty

Off to Dylan’s Candy Bar

The giant chocolate fountain is ready to dunk strawberries, pretzels, pineapples, marshmellos, and Rice Krispie Treats

Gotta  a candy bar honoring the greatest female singer of all time

The celeb candy faves were cool

Candy is EVERYwhere…even in the stairs

Now for my least fave and prolly the least memorable for Mo too…TIMES SQUARE.

OMG…if you are my friend and told me to go here, I am seriously re-considering our friendship.

There is absolutely nothing to do there except wander aimlessly with stinky tourists.

The billboards and lights are cool…ok…saw it…now what? Yes, Times Square is lined with stores, but it’s the same boring stores found at my local mall. Oh gee…let’s see what’s in Walgreens…umm no…CHECK PLEASE!

So, to ensure this wasn’t a wasted trip, me and Mo busted out a photo shoot right in the middle of Times Square…then we ditched it for something more exciting…

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