Great Food (For Mommy/Kids) In NYC

Our NYC trip was really short.

I wanted to make sure Mo had a blast.

I was so focused on him having fun, I didn’t even do any shopping for MYSELF. *Gasp*

I didn’t step one single foot in any ladies stores…no clothes, purses, or shoes for mommy. 🙁

BUT…I did however indulge in my other fave past time: EATING!!!!

I love food. It’s one of my fave things about traveling…checking out all the local spots for yumminess.

New York was in no shortage. Here are some of my faves:


*Located in the heart of historic Harlem, they serve upscale comfort food. I had the blackened catfish and black eyed peas. It was pretty good. The cornbread is great and the honey butter, I could drink…loved it…Chef/Owner Marcus Samuelsson was the winner of 2010 Top Chef Masters Season 2 and also served as the guest chef for the first State Dinner of the Obama administration. I went on a Friday night and they had a dj inside and a nice crowd. I enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Sylvia’s is just a couple doors down.

Patsy’s Pizzeria

*I figured I couldn’t go to NY and NOT eat pizza. Patsy’s was great. I ate at the one right across the street from Dylan’s Candy Bar. It had a nice atmosphere and the food was amazing!!! I’m basic Betty when it comes to pizza…just cheese…I loved it. I went there for pizza, but the real winner was the Fried Zucchini and Eggplant w/garlic yogurt dipping sauceOUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. I’m from the South so I love my fried food, but this one was healthy right…veggies, yogurt, and garlic?? The breading was light, well seasoned, and fried just right. This is a must have!!!

Magnolia Bakery

*Soooo many people raved about this place, I couldn’t wait to try it. I went to the one at Rockefeller Center. It was love at 1st bite!!! I had an orange cupcake with chocolate frosting, Blueberry jamboree, and peach jamboree. The jamborees were heavenly…they have a pecan shortbread crust layered with whipped cream cream cheese filling and fresh fruit topping. The only thing that was as good as the taste was the price…$3.50!!!! They also have banana pudding, cakes, cookies, pies, bars…Their staff is super friendly and helpful…I was all around impressed by this place.

The only annoying thing was the ordering…you order desserts in stations per category (ex. one line for cupcakes, one for cookies, one for pies, etc…and one for checkout). But it’s all worth it. Some of the best baked goods I’ve had since I lived in GA. Their tshirts are really cute too. And I just found out there is a Magnolia Bakery in LA…all my LA peeps need to check it out!!! They will also be shipping worldwide soon so check their website.

Food Trucks/Street Vendors

*I am such a food truck flunkee…so I was right at home eating on the streets of NYC. I instantly fell in love with the fresh fruit juice/smoothies. They use freshly cut fruits and veggies and make your drink right in front of you. They are pretty cheap too, about $3-$5. I loved the Nathan’s hot dogs…crisp and yummy…and also all the hot nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts) coated with a sweet topping made fresh. Also very cheap $2.50-$4 for a lil baggie full.

Dylan’s Candy Bar, Candy Cafe

*Lots of kiddie and adult edible treats: dessert pizzas, tea, coffee, frozen hot cholcolate, Crumbs cupcakes, and sundaes like the infamous I BET YOU CAN’T SUNDAE $25
(10 scoops of ice cream (your choice), 10 toppings (your choice), hot fudge, whipped cream, cherry). Oh, and an adult bar with adult beverages and top shelf liquor. The 3rd floor cafe is decorated with enough candy memorabilia and bright colors to make you vomit, but it’s festive and the kids love it!

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