What To Do/See In NYC With Kids

Mo and I just took our 1st trip to New York, and boy did we have a great time.

We went for a wedding and only had a few days to see the sites. Before we went, I did some research and was overwhelmed with all the things to do and see in the Empire State.

There is so much culture and history in NY. We wanted to touch on that as well as do all the fun stuff Mo and I enjoy.

Here’s what we did and some suggestions if you and your family are planning a trip to NYC:

DAY 1: Drive by Ground Zero, the Intrepid, Statue of Liberty, and Staten Island. We didn’t have time to get out and explore all bc we only had a few hours. We chose to spend most of the time on the Staten Island Ferry.

Staten Island Ferry-  You ride on a big boat for about 20 minutes and you get a great view of the New York Harbor and a great look at the Statue of Liberty. Oh, and it’s FREE!!! The boats leave about every hour and the ride was never crowded. It was weird loading tho. It’s kinda like a cattle call. Everyone is waiting for the doors to open to load onto the boat. All the tourists are anxious bc they think there won’t be enough seats. LOL. There is plenty room. The boat is huge. Don’t fret. Oh, the ferry doesn’t run on Monday. Take a sweater, it gets really windy on the water, or just stay inside. You can get great views from the top deck or outside viewing areas.

I looooved Staten Island. We got lucky bc they were having a street festival there and it was walking distance from the docking terminal. There were food/toy/jewelry vendors as well as some Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons, Miss New York, and Miss Staten Island. There was a more suburban feel there and it seemed waaaay more laid back than the other NY Boroughs.

Day 2: F.A.O Schwarz, Dylan’s Candy Shop, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center. Oh, and as we were walking we caught a glimpse of the Empire State Building. We saw all these sites on foot.

F.A.O Schwarz– Must see toy store with every toy imaginable. Great courteous and knowledgeable staff. We had a ton of fun.

Dylan’s Candy Bar– Candy overload!!! There was so much candy, I couldn’t even EAT any candy. I totally lost my appetite. Make sure you go upstairs. There is a cute cafe that serves mega sized ice cream sundaes, Crumbs cupcakes, karaoke…and an ADULT BAR with alcoholic beverages.

Times Square– OMG, this place was a total bust for me. 5 minutes and I was ready to go. It was cool to see all the billboards and lights, but ok, wasn’t thrilled about being there. There are SOOO many people just standing around…not my thing. Me and Mo got bored quickly. Snapped a couple pics, chased some pigeons, and got some fresh juice for a food truck then headed to Rockefeller.

Rockefeller Center– I REALLY loved it here. With a huge Lego store, NBC Experience, Nintendo World, and Radio City Music Hall, Mo was such a happy camper. There is also the Top of the Rock Observation Deck which is 70 floors high and unobstructed 360º city views of the city.

I have soooo much to say about NCY and a gang of pix. Of course, there is a food review coming as well.

Mo with the lovely Miss NY, Kaitlyn Monte and Miss Staten Island

Outside F.A.O Schwarz, the happiest toystore!

I was soooo over Times Square and RET TO GEAUX!

Stay tuned.

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