My 3 Year Old Sleeps In A Crib

Sooo…Bronson turned 3 in June, and here we are in August and he still sleeps in his crib.

Some people are appalled by this.


Some people think it’s crazy.


So what he’s like 5’10” and still in a crib.

It works for me and it works for him.

Buzz off.

Why would I take him out?

He doesn’t try to climb out.

There are no safety concerns. He’s prolly actually safer in his crib than wandering around his room/the house.

I don’t have to worry about him playing with light sockets, messing with his toys, playing with fire, or doing anything destructive.

He actually asks to go in his bubble crib sometimes. It’s his safe place, and he loves to be in there.

I love for him to be in there too.

He goes to sleep at 7:30PM and wakes up at 9 AM EVERY day. With NO fuss.

And when he wakes up, if we don’t have to leave, he will HAPPILY play in his crib, by himself, with no toys and books for an additional hour (which = more time for me to write, fb, and eat…I’d be an idiot to put an end to this mommy freedom!).

This is where I think a lot of parents goof up…they RUSH so many stages of growth (when will they walk? I want my kid to read. when will their teeth fall out? etc) then once it happens, they are the 1st ones to say, “OH, I MISS MY LITTLE BABY”. SMH

I just go with the flow and let my children develop, grow, and learn at their own pace. Most developmental milestones are eventually met. Will it really make a difference or will Bronson or I really remember he transitioned to a bed at 2.75 year old or 3.60 years old five years from now?

Mo was in his crib til he was 3.5. I finally got him a bed bc I got pregnant and figured he needed to be transitioned before the baby (Bronson) came.

So….since I have no pregnancy concerns and our household and lives run with ease with our sleeping arrangement, it looks like Bronson will be happily crib bound til he’s driving! 🙂

**Oh, these pics were taken while he was napping…YES, he still naps too!!!! lol

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