Grandma NFL Cheerleader

Now that the NFL lockout has been resolved, football season is in full gear.

Normally I just cheer for w.e team Brett Fave is playing for. But since he has “retired”, I’m looking for a new bandwagon team.

Right now, the frontrunner is the Oakland Raiders. No, not just bc the guys look hot in their black and silver hot pants, but bc they have a Grandma Raiderette.

That’s right, one of the Raider’s cheerleaders is a Grannie.

Now, don’t go assuming she’s some 70 year old denture wearing Abuella knitting scarves in a rocking chair.

Susie Sanchez is a 37 year old hottie. She’s a mother of 3 and grandma to one.

You might think 37 is too old to be a cheerleader. Well, phuck you.

Susie is doing it, and doing it well!

She isn’t the first Granny to be employed by the Raiders. In 2003, they are believed to have employed the first grandma cheerleader in NFL history, Kathy Ferrin.

Go Geritol Raiders!

Susie isn’t even the oldest cheerleader in the league. Laura Vikmanis, 42 year old divorced mother of 2 is the oldest cheerleader in NFL history.

Laura does spirit fingers for the Cincinnati Bengals’ Ben-Gals. She is in talks with New Line for a big screen deal as well as a book.

I am so inspired and amazed by these Hot Mamas.

Guess I better start stretching now. There’s still hope for me!!!

Look out Atlanta Falcons!!!!

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