Healthier Happy Meal?

Soooo….recently McDonald’s announced new changes in their red box Happy Meal.

Instead of the CHOICE between fries or apples, there will be apples in every Happy Meal and the fry portion will be cut by half.

They will be giving 3-5 apple slices which equates to half an apple. It will however come with the unhealthy caramel dipping sauce, which the chain says will be phased out.

This change reduces the calories, fat, and sodium by 20%.

The McDonald’s hamburger Happy Meal is going from 590 calories and 20 g fat to 470 calories and 14 g fat.

Parents wishing to recieve a full apple serving can substitute more apples for fries, but does that mean that a fry junkie can substitute more fries for the apples??? thus not really a change in the Happy Meal????


McDonald’s is touting this as some MAJOR change, but umm….it just seems like a marketing ploy to piggyback off of Michelle Obama’s efforts to reduce the childhood obesity rate.

Yes, Macky D’s is making an effort, but honestly, I don’t see the big deal. But then again, I rarely buy my kids Happy Meals.

If the point is for them to be eating healthy….McDonald’s is the last place we will be. I will just get in the kitchen and cook something.

Ah well…at least they still get the lil toy in their red box Happy Meal. As long as that doesn’t change, I’m sure all the kids will be happy regardless.

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