Prince Fielder Boo’d In Front Of Kids

Sporting events are a great way to bond with kids.

Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewer 1st baseman is very familiar with this. He grew up watching his father, Cecil Fielder, an All-Star 1st baseman play.

Although their relationship has been estranged since 2004, Prince remembers how his father was ridiculed for being overweight when he was a baseball star. In a 2007 SI interview Prince said,  “He didn’t seem to care about what was said, but it angered me.”

Fast forward to the 2011 All Star Game.

Prince, wife Chanel, and sons Haven (5) and Jadyn (6) are riding in the traditional MLB procession of convertibles to the All Star Stadium.

Bitter Arizona fans are upset bc Prince did not select Diamondback Justin Upton to participate in the Homerun Derby. So, to express their feelings, they boo intensely and throw water as the Fielder’s car passes. Fielder said he had to restrain his kids bc they were so upset, “They were mad,” Fielder said. “They wanted to fight. I had to tell them to calm down. It wasn’t personal.”

The booing of Prince Fielder continued at the game. But in true everyone loves a winner American fashion, they seemed to stop when Prince hit a three-run homer. This helped lead the National League to a 5-1 victory over the American League.

Prince went on to be named the MVP of the 82nd All-Star Game.

Guess all the boos and water throwing inspired him.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for kids to watch their parent get boo’d in any setting. I’m glad the boys got to see their dad handle it with class and come out a true winner. Fielder says he is motivated by his sons presence at his games, “I’m just trying to be the best that I can be for them.” 










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