Victoria and David Beckham Welcome Daughter

Hollywood beautiful couple, Victoria and David Beckham are getting close to their own soccer team.

The King and Queen of beautiful offspring have welcomed their 1st daughter.

(Hot) Mama and (Hot) Papa Beckham have 3 boys: Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6½

With KEWL names like that, they couldn’t just name their daughter something blase like Sue or Amy.

The newest Beckham spawn is named…..


So….you might be wondering where a name like like Harper Seven comes from….it’s not that odd to me (ok, just a little).

But hey, it’s not like they named her Morrocan. 🙂

Harper is an old English name that Victoria has always loved,. Seven is considered a very lucky spiritual number.

In addition, Harper Seven was born Sunday morning in L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center weighing 7 lbs. (and 10 oz.) in the seventh hour in the seventh month – on the seventh day of the week.

And 7 was Dave’s jersey number for Manchester United and the English national team.

Makes sense right???

Congratulations to the Beckhams for pr0-creating another beautiful being into our world!

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