What Is Planking?

Sooooo….is anyone’s kid talking about planking?

It’s the latest pop culture phenom.

Planking started in Australia. It is also known as The Lying Down Game. It is basically when you lay prone with your hands at your side, take a picture, and post it on the internet.

Sounds dumb? Yeah, pretty much…but it has caught on and “everyone” is doing it.

Here are some planking pics:

Kristen Bell and beau Dax Shephard

Justin Beiber (put your hands at your sides Beibs!)

Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas

The Today Show hosts

Model, Jana Peterson planking on the Red Carpet. lol

Chris Brown

Nick Cannon

The Game

And for further proof that LSU is the best school and has the coolest mascot in all of the land, here is Mike the Tiger planking:

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