10 Signs Your Child May Be Gifted

There are 2 things most parents know for certain about their kid:

1. He is THE CUTEST kid on planet Earth

2. My baby is SOOOOO smart

Come on…we all do it. LOL Afterall, our kids are perfect in our eyes.

Ok, so Little Jerome figures out how to put together the new Ninja Lego kit and you start filling out his Harvard application.

Put your pen back in Little Jerome’s pocket protector and check out 10 Signs Your Child May Be Gifted.

I just know Mo is gifted. Ever since he said Mariah is one of the best singers, I knew he was on to something. And after reading this list, I know he will be Summa Cum Laude at 16.

  • Retains Information: The term “in one ear and out the other” seems to apply to most children. Those who are a cut above when it comes to intelligence actually retain a wide variety of information and are able to recall it at a later time. An example from the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) is: “One six-year-old returned from a trip to the space museum and reproduced an accurate drawing of a space rocket he had seen.”
**I borrowed $2 from Mo about a year ago, and I swear if he asks me for that money ONE MORE TIME!!!!
  • Wide Spectrum of Interests: Gifted kiddos display an interest in a wide variety of topics. They may like dinosaurs one month, space the next month, and so fourth.
**Mo likes girls with blonde hair, red hair, dark hair…it truly changes every month.
  • Writes and Reads Early: If your tot is a smarty pants, she may be able to read and write very early on and without having had any real formal teaching.
**I have been getting HATE MAIL from Mo for as long as I can remember.
  • Is Musically or Artistically Talented: Children who display an unusual talent for music and/or art are often considered gifted. Tots who can draw things to perspective, have perfect pitch, or display any other higher perception of forms of art usually fall into the gifted category.
**Mo’s favorite singers are Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson…nuff said!
  • Shows Periods of Intense Concentration: Children are not known for their long attention span, but gifted wee ones are able to have longer periods of intense concentration.
**Ohhhhh…I get it. Mo ignores me so much bc he is “concentrating” on his genius stuff. Got it!
  • Has a Good Memory: Some gifted tots are able to remember things from when they were smaller. For example, a two-year-old may remember and bring up (unprovoked) an occurrence from when he was 18-months.
**My baby knows all the words to every Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg song!!!
  • Has an Advanced Vocabulary: A tot who’s early to speak is not a sign of giftedness alone, but if your lil talker is using advanced vocabulary and sentences, then he or she may be as bright as you think. According to the NAGC, “Children at age two make sentences like: ‘There’s a doggie.’ A two-year-old who is gifted might say, ‘There’s a brown doggie in the backyard and he’s sniffing our flower.’ “
**Mo knows every curse word in Spanish, English, and Ebonics
  • Pays Attention to Details: A gifted child has a keen eye for details. An older child may want to know specific details about how things work, while a younger child will be able to put away toys exactly where he got them from or notice if something has been moved from its usual spot.
**Every time a dude looks at, glances, or even sniffs in my direction, Mo notices. He never misses it.
  • Acts as His Own Critic: In general kids are not too worried about themselves or others, unless their friend has something they want. Gifted kids are the opposite and are concerned with others, but are most critical of themselves.
**Mo often criticizes himself for having the “worst mom in the whole world”. Poor chile.
**Should a 7 year old really be asking about sex?
Welp….I think it’s unanimous….I’ll see ya’ll in Cambridge in a few years!!!!
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