Family Karaoke…and Bruno Mars

I’m always looking for fun ways to connect and spend time with my boys.

When I heard of family night karaoke at Sardo’s Grille and Lounge, I thought it would be great to try Mo since he recently decided to sing in his school talent show.

I know, I know. Kids and bars don’t mix. I thought it was a little strange at first but I talked to a few friends who had been before and was assured it was kid friendly.

The hours were from 7-9:30 and I thought that was reasonable to try.

Sure enough, the place was packed with familes and tons of kids from toddlers to teenagers. The kids were a mix of American Idol type hopefuls to kids who just like to sing along with the radio. Since Mo is a radio/shower singer and never got up to perform in front of a crowd, he asked me to sing along with him.

I have no problem getting up in front of large masses of people to bullsheit talk, but to sing….yikes. I had only done karaoke ONCE. However, it’s funny when it comes to your kids, you put all inhibitions aside. If my kid wants me to sing karaoke with him, by golly I will look like an idiot sing with him.

My only complaint about family karaoke night is that there should be some sort of rule that performers should either be under the age of 21 or accompanied by a minor. There were a couple weirdos there who kept singing. That’s just creepy and I didn’t like it at all.

At one point, I wanted to run a scan on my sex offender app. It is just really inappropriate for a grown man to linger and sing karaoke at FAMILY karaoke night when he has no kids with him. WEIRDO! I wish the Sardo’s management would address this.  You can never be too cautious when kids are involved.

But other than that, it was a great experience. Mo patiently waited til his name was called and then he nervously went center stage. I was really proud of him for being so brave because he tends to get a little nervous when he has to stand up and speak in front of small groups.

So, to stand up and sing in front of a room of strangers was commendable. He was so intent on doing it, so I supported him by making a fool of myself. LOL

I must say I totally approved of his song choice. He chose “Just The Way You Are” by my little bro, Bruno Mars. Bruno, if you’re reading this, I hope we did you some justice.


P.S- Yes, I am rockin an Optimus Prime tshirt. I rule!!!


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