The Boys Love Thriller!

When Mo was 3, he became obsessed with a music video.

While most toddlers were crooning to the Doodlebops, Wiggles, and Disney Playhouse, Mo was captivated by Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

This was very strange to me.

He grew to love the Thriller video so much that he dressed as the Thriller video werewolf for Halloween. The costume scared the sheit outta all his Preschool buddies, but Mo was on Cloud 9. Michael Jackson in Thriller was his hero.

So, should I be shocked that a month before Bronson’s 3rd birthday, he too has discovered the wonders of “something evil lurking in the dark“?

I have no idea where it came from. I play a lot of Michael Jackson music, but he sits and watches the video over and over as if it were Barney.

Hmm…should I be worried?

Is this an early indication that my boys are gonna grow up to be Satanic worshipers? Crypitc kids? Children of the Corn?

Or perhaps, maybe, just maybe….it’s a sign that they have great taste in music.

Ah ha ha ha ha….Ah ha ha ha ha *evil Thriller laugh*

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