Make Chores Fun

Taking out the trash isn’t my favorite thing to do.

No problem. I now have a 7 year old son to help!!!!

Unfortunately, Mo didn’t share my excitement.

My first instinct was to just yell at him and make him do it. This is how most of us prolly grew up doing chores.

Mom or dad yelled at us to clean up our room, clean the kitchen, or whatever. And when they turned their back we rolled our eyes, reluctantly completed the task, and vowed never to be so “MEAN” to our own kids.

So keeping this in mind, I figured as easy as it is to yell, this quick fix route isn’t how I wanted to go. It’s all about attitude. If I made taking out the trash seem like something negative or a punishment, he would never want to do it.

Sooo….I made it fun, as if it were a reward.

After you eat your dinner, I’ll LET you help me take out the trash

Oh, sorry, it’s bedtime for you…guess you can’t help me take out the trash

Let’s see how fast you and your brother can take out the trash

Johnny’s mom told me he LOVES helping around the house by taking out the trash

When Superman was little, he got so strong by taking out the trash

Ok, some of those might be a tad manipulative or over the top, but you get the point. If you treat a task as negative or your kid goes into it feeling like a chore, it will always be just that…A CHORE.

Don’t forget kids like to have fun, and as long as they feel like they’re having fun, they are usually cooperative.

It’s worked for me for a month, so I’m gonna enjoy it…until the day I have to scream and yell at him to do it! 🙂

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