22 Year Old Crashes Friend’s Lamborghini

Ok, so who loans their friend a $225K car?

Come on now…seriously…I would take your social security number and fingerprints even if you were just gonna help me parallel park my 88VW Jetta.

But, apparently some 30 year old in Sydney Australia. I wonder how that friendship will flourish since apparently the insurance company does not cover drivers under the age of 25. Hmm…..

So, here’s what happened…a 22 year old dude was allegedly “showing off and showboating” (shocker) in his friend’s Lamborghini Murcielago, was driving down Parramatta Road when he lost control, crossed the center median of a motorway, and ran head on into an oncoming taxi.

Both cars have extensive damage. The 51 year old driver of the taxi was trapped in the car for an hour. She was later treated for a broken leg. The 26 year old Lambo passenger sufferend minor chest injuries. The Showboater walked away unhurt.

Details are still sketchy, but here is what we DO know:

1. This is more evidence as to why Mo and B will both be driving pick-up trucks

2. Do not loan your friend your Lamborghini

3. We all need to find this 30 year old and become his/her Bestie.

4. All parties driving the Lambo prolly have a small penis.

The wrecked Lambo
The wrecked taxi

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