Mo’s Dinner at Villa Blanca

Living with and raising 2 boys isn’t easy. I have realized I can never show them how to be a man. However, I CAN show them how to treat a lady with respect.

For Mother’s Day I figured it was time for Mo and I to go on a proper “date”.

The venue was obvious. In order to show him that a woman should be treated with respect, we had to go to a place with friendly staff that was respecful and appreciative to their patrons. The choice was easy: VILLA BLANCA (plus they have kick azz food).

Money Mo had a Benjamin in his Spiderman wallet for the occasion, and I was ready to help him spend it!!!

He and I donned our finest attire. He was dapper in Kangol and tie. I went with a rouched dress and heels.

From the moment we arrived, we got red carpet treatment. It was as if everyone stopped eating when we walked in. Mo was definitely in the spotlight. Our waitress Tina was very perky and friendly and gave Mo plenty of attention. The manager instantly came over and casually pulled up a chair at our table offering to play “house” with us. Mo gave this guy the side eye as he jokingly offered to be “mom’s date for the evening”.

Another waitress who helped me on a prior Villa Blanca visit came over to say hello and meet Mo. I seriously felt like I was in the South with all this hospitality! The woman who entered with her pooch in hand reminded me I was indeed in Beverly Hills. I later realized that was Lisa, the owner and Real Housewife from Beverly Hills castmate. She was extremely cordial saying hello to everyone.

Mo had a great experience. He looked over the menu, confidently ordered his food, sat up straight, used great manners, had fun conversation (“mom, do you think there are a lot of old people eating here”), asked for the bill, and paid! It was a successful evening.

Mo was most impressed by the Valet Parking guy, “wow mom, he was so nice to go get our car that was far away and then open our doors”. Mo generously and proudly tipped the gentleman $2 and laughed when he advised Mo to never cut his hair.

I think it’s important for him to know how to carry himself outside of school and the playground. More importantly, he experienced first hand how to be kind and respectful to others.

I was very proud to have him on my arm as my date.

Funny faces before heading to dinner

Getting our sillies out before we leave

Sorry B, you can next year.

My favorite Mother’s Day eh-verrrr

You betta behave Mo!!

Me, B, Mo, and My Azz

The staff was so gracious offering to take pics of us

Me and Mo

Mo occupied himself arranging the silverware into a gun….ohkaaay

Mo loved the chicken tempura and fries

I grubbed down on this

Money Mo surveying the bill

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