Mariah Announces Baby Names

Celebs have a history of coming up with unique baby names.

The twins of my Bestie pop diva, Mariah Carey are no exception.

As you know, the twins were born on Nick and Mimi’s wedding anniversary.

Mariah is super creative so I’ve been very anxious to see what she comes up with. Afterall, a name says so much about us.

Mariah and Nick have revealed the name of their twins:

Their son is named Moroccan Scott Cannon, with the nickname “Roc”. Scott is Nick’s middle name, as well as his grandmother’s maiden name.

The top tier of Mariah’s New York City apartment is called the Moroccan Room, because of the Moroccan-inspired decor. It’s also the place where Nick proposed to his wife, overlooking Manhattan!

Their daughter’s name is Monroe Cannon. Mariah’s rep says she does not have a middle name because Mariah herself does not have one. Monroe was named after Marilyn Monroe, who has been an inspiration to Mariah her whole life.

Ok, so I was REEEEALLY hoping the twins would be named “Nick and Nora“, but I guess I’ll live.

I do approve of their choices though. Oh, who am I kidding??? I love Mimi so much, she could have named Dem Babies Beef Wellington and Toe Cheese and I’d prolly find some sort of beauty in that. Afterall, we are talking about the queen of glitter and sparkle. We knew her kids weren’t gonna be named Carol and Bill.

Moroccan and Monroe will eventually catch on. I really love names that have meaning and are well thought out. Family names are a great way to carry on family legacies. Hmm…I’m thinking Mimi was sending a silent shout out to me since the kids could both go by “Mo”.

Mmm Hmm Mimi….I see you!

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