Legoland Tips

To culminate our Spring Break festivities, I took the boys to LEGOLAND.

I seriously cannot tell you who had the most fun.

I normally am not a fan of taking kids to the big theme parks, but Legoland is definetly the exception.

The park has a great layout and there is such a nice, laid back atmosphere. There is no hustle and bustle commonly found at many kiddie places, bratty teenagers, or pushy sales vendors. It was truly a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

It’s just north of San Diego in Carlsbad, CA and sits on 128 acres. Legoland opened in 1999 and recently added an aquarium and water park. We didn’t get to explore either. One  day just isn’t  enough.

Here’s my tips:

Dress the kids alike – I put the boys in bright red shirts and matching camouflage shorts. This makes them easy to spot in a crowd and if they ever got lost, I could easily remember the matching outfit.

Parking– Pay the extra money for preferred parking. Regular is $12, Preferred  is$20. IT IS SO WORTH IT bc  you are  just steps away from the entrance, toting the kids/strollers/bags is such a pain. Also, it is super easy to exit and be on your way at the end of the day without worrying about a long walk back to the car. Also, no parking lot battles to get out. Some conviences are worth the extra money, especially when you have the kids. Ball out when it comes to parking.

Go to the right– Legoland is pretty much a big circle so everyone enters and goes to the left. Therefore all the rides at the beginning are swamped. If you start backwards, you’ll find out is is much less crowded bc the majority hasn’t  made it to those attractions yet.

Bring food and drinks– Unlike a  lot of other kiddie places, Legoland does  NOT check your bag and prohibit outside food and drinks (at least the day I went they didn’t). This is a huge cost cutting area. I actually like buying the park food, it’s pretty decent, but staples like chips, snacks, and bottled water will definitely save you  money if you smuggle bring your own.

Bring extra clothes-There are quite a few water attractions/play structures. Having swimming trunks and an extra change of clothes for the boys really came in handy. Don’t forget socks, undies, wipes, a plastic bag for the wet stuff, and extra diapers too. Oh, and SUNSCREEN!!!

Hotel– It was impossible for us to do everything in a day. They have tons of ticket specials that only cost about 10 bucks more for a 2 day pass. Next time I’d try and do this and stay at the Sheraton Carlsbad. It’s the only hotel with a private walking entrance to the theme park.

Strollers– If your kid still needs a stroller,take one. There are a zillion places for stroller parking by rides/food/seating/etc. It is extremely convienent and easy to park them while you park, play, ride, or eat. Legoland did a great job making sure there is ample stroller parking areas. They also have cool car canopy style strollers for rental. Bronson had his eye on them all day.

All in all, I truly enjoyed Legoland. I had 2 revelations that pleasantly surprised me:

1.)The food is good and somewhat healthy. It’s not all fried or processed crap. There are a few healthy options throughout the park. The big hit are the apple fries with vanilla whipped cream dipping sauce.

2.) The bathrooms are clean, functional, and DON’T STINK!!! I love that the stall doors start at the bottom of the floor. This way you don’t have to worry about your kid or someone else’s peeking or crawling around your potty space. They have kid height sinks. I love and appreciate this. Makes handwashing easier for little ones and cuts back on germs!!!! Oh, and they have FREE tampons. WOW! No one does that anymore. I didn’t need one, but was really impressed by Legoland’s generosity. Finally, they have seperate “family” restrooms, I think this is to make changing diapers easier and give you more room. There is a changing table in the ladies room too.

If you’re looking for a fun activity with the kids, I would say Legoland is the place to be.

Having B’s swimming trunks allowed him to enjoy the water worry free

More water stuff

We easily killed an hour at the Lego building station

Bronson got in on the building fun

Tons of cool Lego works of art throughout Legoland

In awe of Lego Chubacca

Geez…I see a dude with a gun and automatically go into ghetto pose mode. SMH

Mo won a couple toys for his brother(ugh…more stuffed animals)

Enjoying the apple fries

Enjoying the whipped cream

“Please keep your arms inside the ride ma’am”

Why did I think this would protect me from getting wet?!

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