Mom To Prom

Malcolm Pichon of Salmen High School in Slidell Louisiana is taking his mom to his Senior Prom.

His mother had a baby when she was in high school and didn’t attend her prom.

Malcolm said he wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite having a girlfriend of 18 months, he told his mom if she didn’t attend with him, he wasn’t going at all. He even spoke with the Salmen High School Principal to overlook the under 21 rule and allow his mom to be his date.

This story is receiving tons of media attention and so many people are touched by the compassion of unselfishness of this young man to share his special day with his mom because she never experienced her prom.

Maybe I’m just a biatch, but I was annoyed by this.

Being a single mom of 2 boys, I understand a son’s adoring and unconditional love for mom.

However, I’ve always said I never want my  boys to grow up and ever feel responsible for me or my happiness. I want them to live their life and experience every possible joy.

What  Malcolm did was very gracious. I’m sure his mom will be the Belle of the Ball and remember her experience forever. Hmmm….but what about his girlfriend  who had to forfeit HER high school prom to her boyfriend’s mother? Maybe one day she will have a son who will do the same for HER in 20 years so she can re-capture HER lost moment.

I know many of you are saying if Mo or B asked me  to be their date I would go without hesitation. Ummm…..nooooo…..I  would definitely be a chaperone, yes,and make sure they aren’t dropping it low or bumping and grinding too much on the dance floor. But the last thing I would do is steal a moment  of their childhood and make it about me. Those are the moments you can never  get back, no matter how you try and re-create it.

I’m happy for Malcolm and his mom. They  seem to have a positive relationship. Best of luck to him in college. He will be playing football at LA Tech in the fall.

Here’s a video of the happy twosome discussing the prom:

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