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I don’t really like being photographed. Candid shots with friends are fun, but sitting in front of camera and professional photographer is prolly at the same place on my list as getting a bikini wax.

When I 1st moved to LA, I was with a commercial talent agency for tv commercials. That was fun, I like being in front of a tv camera much more. However, when I would take headshots for my agency, I always felt awkward and uncomfortable with photographers. It showed on my headshots.

Casting directors always told me I looked much better in person than in my photos. That was a nice compliment, but not great to hear if you’re trying to book a job or get your foot in the door off a headshot.

I had my 15 minutes of fame with a Miller Lite commercial that aired nationally and internationally during the World Cup years ago. Then I went back to my day job, had kids, and retired from everything to be a stay at home mom.

When I needed to update photos on my blog, I was scared as sheit a little nervous. I’d had 2 kids and matured 7 years since I had a major shoot with an industry photographer. Yikes!!!

I knew one of the few people I would be comfortable with was my girl, Lanisha Cole. Not only is she super sweet, she is an amazing photographer who has shot a few of my friends. I knew I would be in good hands with this true California girl, born and raised in Pasadena. REPRESENT!!!!

In addition to that, Lanisha is an accomplished model. She’s been on The Price Is Right for 8 seasons and Deal Or No Deal for 3 seasons. She’s starred in videos for Pharrell, Eric Benet, and Trey Songz. Lanisha has appeared in numerous print campaigns for major retailers and advertisers including the Budweiser campaign that appeared in the 2007 SI Swimsuit issue. Her beauty was co-signed by People Magazine being named to their 2007 “Most Beautiful” issue.

Her newest endeavor, Lanisha Cole Gallery is in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station arts district and is dedicated to the promotion of local and national artists, with a focus on contemporary art and fine art photography.

To sum it up, she’s a pro. Being a photographer with model experience is such a plus. It just makes you so much more sensitive and aware of what the model feels like during a photo shoot.

Lanisha was so patient and gave great direction during the shoot. The key to taking good pics is knowing your angles and what works for your face and body. She helped me to discover mine. I was so relaxed with her and able to be myself. I didn’t feel like I was “acting” or channeling my inner Tyra. I was proud to be Nora.

She was all about me feeling comfortable. During the shoot we joked around and played my favorite music. She encouraged me to think of my someone special to relax, and reassured me I was doing great. She also encouraged me to NOT wear makeup since I don’t normally wear makeup. Everything worked. It was the best photoshoot I ever had.

Lanisha truly captured who I am as a woman. I highly recommend her. As impossible as it seems, her artistic talent far surpasses her beauty. Lanisha is genuine, talented, sweet, and creative. I can’t wait to shoot with her again!

Check out her photography site and art gallery. She has already conquered the industry in front of the camera, now she’s making her mark behind the lens.

She made this ole 37 year old divorced mom of 2 truly feel like A Hot Mama!

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