Save Our Schools

There are insane budget cuts nationwide in public schools.

California was hit very hard and our Govenor has proposed billions of dollars in budget cuts for public education.

Currently our sunshine state ranks LAST in:

Teacher to student ratio

Librarian to student ratio

Guidance counselor to student ratio

California ranks 47th for district officials/administrators to student ratio

Over 30% of California students do not graduate from high school.

Our public schools are in trouble. Educate Our State is a great site that offers info to keep you up to date on the education cuts. There is also info on how to help save our schools.

A few months ago, Meagan Fox and Brian Austin Green shot a video at Mo’s school raising awareness about the education crisis in California

The students at Milikan Middle School ,our neighborhood middle school Mo will attend (if he doesn’t enter the NBA draft early) put together a great video to help spread the word about the public school cuts. They are a great example of how LAUSD can be successful and give our kids opportunity and an education.

Please help support our public schools.


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