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Growing up in the South, I always thought lice was something that affected uneducated people in the deep back woods of Georgia who went to UGA.

However, this myth was broken when Mo was sent home early with LICE.

Yes, of course the kid with the thickest, longest, curliest hair gets lice. OMG, what a pain!!! It had been going around in this classroom and Mo got it.

Lice seems to be somewhat of a taboo subject. A lot of parents don’t talk about it or volunteer that their child has had it…UNTIL you say your kid has had it. I even had problems finding message boards and personal experiences online about lice.

For those who don’t know, lice are little insects that live on the scalp. It is spread easily among young kids because small kids tend to play closely.

So…….leave it to me to break the silence!

I will start by saying, LICE IS A PITA!!!!!!

The process to remove lice is a tedious one bc head lice can survive up to 30 days on a human and their eggs can live for more than 2 weeks. Their tiny eggs look like flakes of dandruff. However, instead of flaking off the scalp, they stay put, hatch, and the process starts over again.

The big question with lice isn’t how your child got it. It’s actually pretty common and has nothing to do with education or social class. The big question is HOW DO YOU GET RID OF LICE?

Lice is so common there are companies that specialize in lice removal. They are a little pricey, but because they are really hard to completely remove yourself, many people say it’s worth it.

However, me being the cheap DIY mom that I am, I went to battle with the lice myself…AND WON!!!

Here’s what worked for me:

*I disinfected the entire house (vacuum, changed sheets/pillowcases, Lysol, etc)

*When Mo came home from school, he undressed before entering the house. I washed his clothes, sheets, and comforter in HOT water twice, and seperately from the other dirty clothes.

*I used the Hair Fairies Lice Goodbye Removal System. It comes with the special comb that helps comb out and catch lice and their eggs. I also recommend a metal nit comb bc the plastic one kept breaking since Mo’s hair is so thick. This product is Non-Toxic, pesticide free Lice removal Kit. It eliminates both Lice and their eggs (nits).
no harmful chemicals.

*The Lice Goodbye System took 2 hours for me to comb thru and make sure I got everything out of his head. After that, I washed his hair with Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Shampoo. I also washed my hair and Bronson’s with this as a prevention method.

*When he got out of the shower, I doused his head with olive oil, tea tree oil, and a few sprays of Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Spray. Since Mo had been bit a little, this spray burned slightly when I sprayed it. The olive oil helped to sooth his scalp a little.

*From this point on, 3 products became daily staples: OLIVE OIL, TEA TREE OIL, and a SHOWER CAP. This concoction helped to keep his scalp moist and the smell of the tea tree oil is a deterrant for lice. It did make him look like he had a jheri curl. He could pass as a lost member of Ready For The  World, but it works!!!

* I used my at home method at least 3x daily and once before he went to the bed. He slept in the shower cap.

*Since he has long flowing locks of a Pantene model, I braided it into 3 braids after applying the olive oil and tea tree potion.

*In the future, don’t share combs, brushes, hats, or helmets.

*When kids play in wooded areas, check their hair regularly.

Luckily, I got rid of the lice in 1 day and stopped the spread to the rest of the household. However my psychosomatic senses will prolly have me scratching my head for the next month or 2.

Jheri Curl Mo getn ready to sing “Oh Shiela”…lol

Of course B wanted to get in on the shower cap action

Olive oil, tea tree oil, and shower cap worked great for lice removal/prevention

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