Get It Together Applebee’s

Taking you toddler to a restaurant is enough of a struggle for parents. Now there is something else to beware of when dining with your little one.

Be extra careful with those kid’s meal drink cups.

Recently, a Detroit, MI 15 month old toddler was served a margarita with his kid’s meal at a local Applebee’s restaurant.

His mom said after he began talking to the walls, and put his head down on the table, she tasted his drink.

The boy was rushed to a hospital, where his blood alcohol level was determined to be .10, which is over the legal limit for an adult. Thankfully, he is ok.

I was shocked by this story, but even more shocked that this isn’t the 1st incident like this at Applebee’s.

In 2006, a New York City Applebee’s admitted accidentally serving a 5-year-old a Long Island iced tea alcoholic drink instead of apple juice.

In 2007, A San Francisco Bay Applebee’s served a 2 year old a margarita. The mom said the sippy cup smelled of tequila and Triple Sec when she opened the kiddie cup. The toddler got drowsy and began vomiting a few hours later. Applebee’s agreed to pay for the child’s medical bills, and offered free meals, but the Mom says, “If they think I’m going back there, they’re ridiculous.”

I love Applebee’s Apple Walnut Chicken Salad, but COME ON, my kids are out of hand enough. I don’t need Applebee’s boozing them up and having toga parties this young.

*Parents, check those kiddie meal cups anywhere that serves alcohol. This can easily happen at any restaurant.*

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