Mariah Carey’s Life & Style Cover

Soooo….as we all know, my Bestie, Mariah is expecting.

She should deliver within the next few weeks.

She is currently on the cover of the April 18, 2011 Life & Style Magazine sporting her pregnant belly.

Not sure when they shot it, but her belly looks tiny in comparison to the tweetpic she posted last week.

The nude pregnancy shot showing of the baby bump has gotten really popular. I think Demi Moore started it a while back in 1991.

I did belly shots with Mo (Demi had all us moms thinking we were shooting with Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair). I couldn’t tell you where the pics are though.

I thought it was a great idea at the time….ooh, look at my big fat tummy, check out that cool equator line from my sternum to my pube, so great to have a chin to represent how many months I’ve been pregnant, wow-my chubby feet are so SECK-C….umm, yeah, once I delivered him, I never wanted to look at those pics ever again.

I get it….I’m not saying being pregnant isn’t a beautiful thing, it is. And many women say the same thing:

1. They feel sexy pregnant- Umm…the last think I was thinking about pregnant was being sexy. I didn’t mind being pregnant, I just liked to eat and kept focusing on the fact that once I delivered I would be badazz in a few months…THEN take some pictures.

2. They wanna remember the experience- There is this new invention called a journal. I can document my thoughts and feelings in there and remember the experience just fine.

3. They plan to show their child the belly shots when they grow up– COME ON! Do you really think your 15 year old is gonna wanna see his mama half naked? They don’t even wanna mom give someone a peck on the cheek, much less their mom trying to be a SI cover model while knocked up.

Well, needless to say, by the time I was preggers with Bronson, there were no belly shots. However, I do recommend a belly cast. It makes great art and they are fun to make. I did one for both pregnancies and they make great baby shower gifts. The best part is that there is no air brushing or Photo Shop required.

P.S-if the Life & Style folks wanna shoot me when I’m preggers with my 3rd I might would consider. But only bc Mimi did it! 🙂

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