2011 NCAA Championship

Being at the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game was like a dream for me.

I got to see the beautiful city of Houston for the 1st time and I ♥looooove♥ March Madness.

UConn defeated Butler 53-41. The game was a little lackluster. This comes from someone who grew up watching run and gun offenses of schools like UNLV and OU, the power and dunking of Georgetown, and teammates nicknamed for their finesse and flair 0f the Fab Five (Michigan) and Lethal Weopon 3 (GA Tech).

However, I did enjoy seeing UConn Coach Jim Calhoun become the oldest coach to win the NCAA championship (at age 68). You know how much I love my old guys! It was also great to see  freshman guard Jeremy Lamb show off his ATL bball skills (he’s from my hometown in GA).

Being a mom of 2 boys, I’m glad my love for sports is coming in handy. Ya never know, I could be watching my boys in a NCAA Championship Game one day.

Me with the 2011 National Champ UConn Huskies (No Cougar lol)

Action shot (I’m just showing off my camera skills)

Victory mess confetti

2011 Hall of Fame inductees…Dennis Rodman

2011 Basketball Hall of Famers

2011 NCAA National Champs

UConn and tournament Most Outstanding Player, Kemba Walker

Jumbotron pic

Me and my girl, G (the HAWTEST mama on daytime tv)

Me, G, and her hubby Kenny Smith, former UNC (booo!) and Houston Rocket standout

I wanted to buss a windmill on the NCAA seal so bad

The gang…still posing on the Reliant Arena floor

The winning tradition of cutting the net

Netless goal

Charles Barkley. He’s so strong his hug almost squeezed the wind out of me

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