NCAA Perfect Bracket

I love college football, but not a big fan of college hoops.

HOWEVER, I looooove March Madness. The intensity and heart these guys play with is so fun to watch. And it is very unpredictable every year so it keeps it exciting. The 2011 NCAA tournament has been so unpredictable that for the first time in the history of the tournament no No. 1 or No. 2 seeds had advanced to the Final Four. By the end of last weekend’s Elite Eight games, 99.9 percent of bracket makers worldwide had fallen out of the competition (including mine) .

But, one smart cookie in Salem, Oregon is right on the money! And I love that it’s a female!!! That’s right fellas, you dudes think you know everything about sports. You think women don’t know anything about basketball. Well, guess what…that’s the problem, you guys OVERthink sports.

Diana Inch, a librarian at Jefferson High School outside Salem, Oregon has represented for women across America. Out of about 3 million Yahoo bracket entries, she is the ONLY person to correctly forecast the NCAA Final Four (please leave all your brackets and cojones at the door fellas!).

You might be thinking that as a librarian, she has an edge because she is privvy to so much sports literature and statistics. NEGATIVE! She picked her bracket using my tried and true method of going with fave mascots, numbers, personal state preferences, etc. That’s right….throw all the three point shooting percentages, season records, MVP players, and past school championships out the window boys. It’s all about dogs/cats, 7 and 11, and favorite states!!!!

OMG, I ♥love♥ Diana. Afterall, I didn’t attend LSU for it’s famed Engineering program. I just loved the colors PURPLE and YELLOW!!!!!

Here’s what Diana said about her keen strategy:

I named this bracket “Di’s 711 XV Dogs & Cats” to guide my selections.

I like the numbers 7 and 11, the letters XV (and, although I didn’t include it, Q is another favorite letter), and thought that picking teams based primarily based on their seeding numbers and mascots would potentially irritate some of my male sports-obsessed colleagues, especially if my bracket did well (who knew how much madness I would be putting into their March?). Some states I favor (the folks I meet from Michigan have usually been fun-loving, and my birthfather’s family might be from there) while other states leave me underwhelmed. I love cheering for underdogs and teams that NEVER GIVE UP, always giving their best efforts no matter the score. In desperation, I sometimes went with the seed *closest* to a 7 or 11, or a team that had an AP ranking that might indicate an edge.

Here’s a peek at her winning bracket:

The librarian picks UConn to beat Butler in the final. If her previous picks are any indication, I’d say take that info to the bank!!!!

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