Mo’s New Toy

So, Mo loves money. We don’t call him “Money Mo” for nothing.

He does chores suitable for a 6 year old (cleans the gutters, replaces the plumbing, and daily landscaping maintanence)….JK. Ya know, the usual stuff, make his bed, doesn’t annoy me or his brother too much (yes, I pay him for that!), keep his room clean, put his dirty dishes away etc.

For extra funds, he also helps me with extra things around the house (wash my car, tend the garden, move furniture, etc). Is Social Services reading this?

Anyway add funds earned from these chores with saved up birthday/holiday money and his salary earned “working” for his dad, and Mo is PAID IN FULL!!!!

He loves having money and doesn’t like spending it (except on someone he REALLY loves like his little brother or mom 🙂 ). But sometimes he will splurge on Legos or other annoying toys that I conviently give to charity or toss in the trash as he sleeps bc he only plays with them for 2 days then totally ignores them.

So when he said he wanted to buy an Apple iPad (yes a 6 year old wants to by an iPad) I had mixed feelings. My 1st thought was:

There is no way on Earf a 6 year old needs an iPad. That is absolutely ridiculous!

But the more I thought about it, the more the idea of him owning an iPad made sense:

*All the money he spends of toys that he tires quickly off adds up and just junks up the house

*I am not spending a dime, he is using 100% of his earned money so he’s learning the power of saving and responsibility

*It is somewhat educational and not just useless junk like stuffed animals




Ok, I caved….I let him buy one…Don’t Judge. I just typed this blog on it 🙂 Mo’s Money well spent!!!

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