I Love Trader Joe’s

I don’t know a mom who doesn’t shop at Trader Joe’s. If you don’t have one in your hood, you are really missing out. TJs is basically a cross between your neighborhood grocery store and Whole Foods. It’s somewhat healthy and pretty reasonably priced.

Why I love Trader Joes:
1. They open at 8am- This is a magic number for a mom. Most kids wake up very early and some mornings you just need to get out of the house. TJs is easily an early morning field trip for me and B once a week. Plus, it’s never crowded at this time so I avoid the grocery rush.

2. Free Samples– No matter what time I go, they are always giving out something free to eat AND drink. This is the kicker…some places might give free food samples, but do they offer a free beverage to wash it down too??? When you have a kid in tow, it’s a great cover to go back for seconds and thirds.

3. New Stuff– I get sick of eating the same ole crap. TJs has some really cool concoctions. I’m always trying new stuff there. (usually bc of rule #2)

4. Friendly Staff– It must be the Southerner in me, but I actually enjoy talking to the cashier. Trader Joe’s seems to actually screen for personality bc every employee I’ve encountered there is genuinely helpful, friendly, and can hold a convo beyond the mess my kid made on aisle 3.

5. Kid Friendly– They give balloons, stickers, and sometimes toys to the kids. The employees always remember my boys (see #4) and even ask about them when they’re not with me.

6. Great Website– Tons of easy to make and good recipe ideas for BLD.

I could go on and on about my love affair with Trader Joe’s and how I spend an insane amount of time there, but you just have to see for yourself. You will be hooked!

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