I Hate Stuffed Animals

I really hate stuffed animals.

It is useless junk that simply takes up space and harbors allergens and germs.

If your child ever received a stuffed animal as a gift from me, I am 100% sure it was a re-gifter. I get rid of teddy bears, Mickey’s, and doggies faster than a box of Samoas.

Sooooo….somehow Bronson has secretly accumulated a family of stuffed animals. SMH. The ring leader is an oversized stinky teddy bear that he insists on dragging inside the house and back outside. UGH!!!! Well, the other night he left it outside in the path of our mighty sprinklers and when I woke up noticed Mr. oversized stinky teddy bear was drowning in dirty CA water, mud, and who knows what other filth.

I found a nice new home for him. I feel a little guilty, but really, I’m just thinking about the health of the boys. Sometimes, a mom’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do. Hopefully the stuffed animal mafia doesn’t get wind of my whacking Mr. oversized stinky teddy bear. Shhhhh…

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