Let Your Kids Live

In my 6.5 years of being a parent, one of the most annoying things I’ve encountered are OVER BEARING parents.

It’s one thing to want the best for you child, be protective, and make sure they’re safe. However, I’ve seen a few parents who take it too far.

Like many moms, I volunteer regularly at my son’s school. When I’m there, I usually keep a comfortable distance from my son (mainly so I can be all clear to snoop). One thing I don’t do is hover, helicopter, and nag him. His school is HIS paradise. His place to learn and discover. His arena for growth and development. When I am there, I am merely a spectator in his world.

In the past I would get frustrated bc he was one of those kids that is non detailed and tight lipped. A typical convo went like this:

Me: How was your day at school?

Mo: Fine

Me: What did you do?

Mo: Nothing

Me: How was lunch/recess/classroom time

Mo: Ok

I had a hard time accepting the lack of details that I was receiving. Afterall, I was used to spending 15 hours a day with my kid and controlling and seeing everything he did. But after some time and reflection back on my life as a child, I realized, as long as he is safe, comfortable, happy, thriving, and nice at school, it really is NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!!

As much as I hate to admit it, school is where he goes to learn and grow.Some parents seem to have a major problem with this. In watching some idiots parents, I came up with some rules for myself concerning parenting:

*Get the whole story– If you child comes home crying saying Billy was mean to him, don’t start taking your earrings off ready to go toe to toe with Billy and his mom. Get the whole story. Perhaps YOUR child was being mean to Billy first and after being such a lil nuissance, Billy finally put your lil Johnny in check.

*Don’t be blind to your child’s faults– Don’t be that parent who says, “my child would never…” Don’t kid yourself that your child is perfect. If your child is controlling, overly sensitive, bossy, competitive, needy, ect, own up to it and keep that in mind when incidence occurs.

*Let you kid fight his own battles– It’s ok to be supportive, but if you step up to the plate everytime Johnny has a problem, what are you really teaching him? You are hindering his maturation, confidence, and ability to problem solve.

*Don’t live your dreams thru your kid– Let your child find his own identity and likes. Don’t make him be who YOU always wanted to be. You need to get a life.

Parents, trust yourselves that you have done a good job raising your kids and that they are armed with the right knowledge, values,and decision making skills to function in the world of school without you.

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