Villa Blanca Review

One of my favorite things to do for “ME” time is eat at a new restaurant.

The buzz in LA was about a spot in Beverly Hills called Villa Blanca. With the exception of a few places, I tend to skip Beverly Hills restaurants bc they are usually overpriced and too pretentious for my liking. However, a couple really good friends insisted I would like it. Besides, it’s one of Kim Kardashian’s fave places (and by the looks of her azz, me and her prolly enjoy the same foods), so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Villa Blanca is owned by Lisa Vanderpump-Todd and her hubby Ken Todd (they also own S U R, another LA eatery on my list). Lisa is well known from her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I’ve only watched it once, but remembered that Lisa was the one person who I felt like, ok, if I were on that show she seems pretty cool and I’d prolly hang with her. She had a great sense of style and a love of fresh flowers (like meee).

Soooo, I grabbed my fave friend (and fellow mommy of 2) and we hit Villa Blanca.

It’s located in a great area just walking distance from all the Rodeo Drive shops(a great outing for out of towners/tourists to put on their trip). I instantly noticed the beautiful chic white decor. I love the Villa Blanca insignia. It’s prominent but not too in your face where you’re like, oh-kaaay, I get it. I was pleasantly surprised by their very friendly and welcoming staff. Our hostess was sweet but a little ditzy, and our server was very funny and genuine.


We were really hungry (and indecisive) so we started with LOBSTER CRISPS (Miniature taco shells stuffed with a Maine lobster salad and complemented by a green onion-ginger guacamole) and BAKED KING CRAB ROLL (A mixture of King crab wrapped in soy paper with risotto and warmed with a touch of creamy spicy aioli). OMG!!!!!! The lobster crisps were the most amazing lil bites of ecstacy. Seriously, sooooo good…we ordered another batch. The crab rolls were ok, there seemed to be a little too much risotto so it drowned out the crab flavor a tad. No worries tho. I was content with the lobster crisps.


Next we had the ASIAN PEAR & ENDIVE SALAD (Belgian endive, Asian pear, Point Reyes blue cheese and candied pecans with our pear vinaigrette) as well as PANDORA’S SALAD (Fresh juicy peaches, Buffalo mozzarella, mint, julienned prosciutto on a bed of mâche with a chili honey vinaigrette). I love fruit in my salads so I was happy.


For the entree….GRILLED AUSTRALIAN LAMB CHOPS (Glazed with Villa Blanca’s sweet and spicy mint sauce with mashed potatoes and soy-glazed haricot verts). WHAT?! The mint sauce and soy glaze are insane!!! I was smacking my lips and licking the bones like I was at Fat Mack’s Rib Shack!!! Oh,and for those who don’t know, haricot verts just means you’re gonna be spending a lotta money on some green beans ($28, but well worth it). I was extremely pleased with the food.


Finally, girl’s best friend…diamonds DESSERT! I went with their signature dish, ENGLISH TOFFEE STICKY PUDDING WITH VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM. Before I proceed I must tell you, Heath is my fave candy bar and I’m from the South so I looooove bread pudding. Perhaps I was expecting something different, but I wasn’t a fan of the dessert. I sort of tasted like plain mush. I would definitely try something different next time.

Lisa wasn’t at the restaurant that night, but musical legend Stevie Wonder was and he  kindly posed for a pic with me and my friends. Meeting Mr Wonder capped off a great evening. The friendly staff, scrumptous food, and beautiful decor/ambiance of Villa Blanca was a great escape from my mommy woes for a couple hours. I highly recommend it and will definitely go back.

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