To Dad

For 2 days Mo came home with letters addressed “To Dad”.

I was a little sad because I felt left out. No “To Mom” letter.

Me: What are these?

Mo: They’re for my dad. I’m gonna give them to him next time I see him.

Me: Oh ok…How come you wrote letters to your dad?

Mo: It’s for school. We had to write a pervassive letter about something we wanted.

Me: Do I get one?

Mo: No…

Me: Why not?

Mo: Because you’ll say no.

Me: SMH…How do you know? You haven’t even asked.

Mo: *loud sigh* because you just will…you never just GIVE me anything. You always make me WORK for stuff or EARN it.

Me: Oh. Is that so bad?

Mo: *Kanye shoulder shrug*

Mo: My dad just gives me what I want so I will like him.

Me: *blank stare*

Mo: Can I finish playing Club Penguin now???

Me: One more thing…what did you ask your dad for in the letters?

Mo:*without blinking* A Lion and $1,000,000.

Me: You can get back to your Club Penguin now.

So…in the scheme of things, I’ve concluded that one day my child will appreciate the work ethic and values I’m trying to teach him. And I am sooooo glad that he knows not to waste my time asking for some buuuuuullsheit.

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