MY 4 Gym Tips For Women

Recently there was an article in US News entitled  4 Things Women Should Be Doing In Their Fitness Training—But Aren’t.

I was pretty much in sync with the 4 suggestions in some way or another, but realized their list was missing some key elements.

So… are my suggestions for 4 Things Women Should Be Doing To Get Through Their Fitness Training.

1. GET YOUR GAME FACE ON– I will admit everyday sometimes when I enter my quaint gym, I transform into P. Diddy walking into a nightclub…high fives, hugs, and head nod to all the regulars. Howeverrrrr….once I start working out, I don’t make eye contact or chat with anyone. I go into Biatch mode and put up an imaginary DO NOT DISTURB sign. Once I’m in workout mode I get into a different world. Plus, I have the attention span of a pea and if I allow myself to be distracted for even 20 seconds, I might as well sprawl on the gym’s leather couch and watch The View.

2. ALTERNATE OUTFITS– I don’t mean like have a clothing rotation schedule for no re-peats. On days when I’m gonna do cardio or anything fat burning, I like to wear oversized sweats, thermal, and hoodie so I can sweat a drop or 2. Also, if I’m wearing my cute fitted workout gear, I won’t workout as intense bc when I’m jogging or moving fast I’ll be too worried about one of my boobs giving me a black eye. On days when I lift (esp doing body parts I hate working out, like arms) I wear cute tanks or a sport top. This way I can watch the muscle work and it motivates me slightly more. OR it has the reverse effect and I see how flabby my triceps really are and go a little harder.

3. LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC– I never realized how essential music was to getting a great workout until I left my iPod at home once. My workout playlist is totally opposite from my car cruising playlist. I like listening to songs I don’t hear everyday on the radio, and it’s usually some kind of hard rap with a great bass beat bc it really keeps me amped.

4. THINK ABOUT SEX OR A HAWTIE When I feel uninspired or just can’t get through a workout I get psycho. Psychological that is. No better way to push myself to work on my body then imagining me (or someone else) naked. I just visualize how I want to look and since I’m still working towards that goal, the thought of the current state of my thighs motivates me. Sometimes I thumb through the Maxim and Fitness magazines while I’m doing my nightclub entrance and get inspiration from all the airbrushed models. And when all else fails, I imagine me and My Love on the beach and that gets me through an extra set of squats.

Hope it helps mommies. We always tend to put everyone else’s needs before ours. There is no time like today for you to start with yourself. Good luck!!!!

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