Mo’s Presentation

I have been up late every night for a week.

Countless hours on the internet, researching and surfing.

More time at the keyboard, writing and brainstorming.

Checking facts, biographies, dates, and history.

Big presentation coming up and I don’t wanna blow it.

No, I’m not working on my Ph.D. I’m helping Mo with his 1st grade project.

Geez…if I had worked this hard in college, maybe it wouldn’t have taken me….err…six years a long time to graduate.

So, it’s Mo’s 1st big public speaking project. 8-10 minutes standing in front of his class and a group of overbearing proud parents. The project is “People Who Make A Difference“. He has written a poem, prepared a brief summary, and chosen attire demonstrative of the person he has chosen to study for the past month.

STAY TUNED! I’m already so proud of my little guy. I sure hope I don’t ruin his project by crying throughout the presentation.

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