iPod Thief

I hate thieves.

Well, does anyone actually LIKE thieves?

My boys bought me an iPod for Mother’s Day. I really looooved it. But like all of our things, they don’t actually “belong” to US. They are really things for our kids to play with and amuse themselves. Ya know, like our car keys, cell phones, purse contents, etc.

Sooo…”my” iPod was no different. It was loaded with kiddie apps and games that the boys loved. My favorite part of it though, was that Mo thought of a nice loving inscription that he put on the back. Whenever I got annoyed at him and/or his brother, I could just read it and smile.

So recently, some azzhole thief went into my purse and stole it.

Mo was really sad bc he helped pick it out and put so much thought into it. Then he said he felt bad I didn’t have it bc it was like I didn’t have a Mother’s Day gift anymore. 🙁 I was impressed at his empathy and the fact that he really didn’t seemed phased bc he could no longer play Angry Birds. He was more concerned with me not having a gift.

I eventually got a new one and let him help pick out the new inscription. Oh and for the record, Apple won’t let you curse (we tried 4 times).

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