Mommy Snooping

I volunteer in Mo’s classroom once a week.

Yeah, it’s a great way to spend QT with my son, his teacher, and classmates. That’s not my favorite part though. I have a mommy motive.


That’s right…be nosey, get the gossip, see what he’s REALLY spending his lunch $ on, etc.

But I have really good strategy, so it’s not so obvious. I don’t helicopter over my son. In fact, I do the exact OPPOSITE! That’s right, I make occasional eye contact with my son, but I spend most of the time talking to my “informants”. Suuuuure, Mo tells me how nice he is to all his friends and how he listens to the teacher daily, but the best source for the REAL DEAL 411, are the 6 year olds in his class.

Man, some of those kids will really give you the lowdown. So after I complimented one of his female classmates on her perfect braiding technique, she started singing like Mariah, and telling me all of Mo’s happenings in the classroom. He got 1 timeout for giggling, he no longer runs a black market Lego character trading ring but has started a handball club, and he’s been playing chase with the girls.

Ok, ok, not too bad. But the real info jackpot came when I was snooping researching inside his writing folder. I came across this lovely note. Hmm….

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