The Fighter

I saw the movie, The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.

It’s up for tons of awards and everyone in Hollywood is talking about it. I thought it was OH-KAY….not great. I was kinda confused as to why that story was made into a big screen film.

There are tons of amazing stories of adversity, and I appreciated the journey of Mickey Ward and his brother, I just didn’t get the big deal as to why it was made into a movie. IDK, but this is from a girl who♥ loooves♥ Glitter and Sweet Home Alabama. Christian Bale really stole the show though and put on an amazing performance

Well, ANYwaaaay….there is a scene in the movie of 39 year old Marky Mark paving a street and I start having flashbacks to his Calvin Klein endorsement days and his “Good Vibrations” video (feel it, feel it ladies). So as I’m looking up Marky Mark, I realize he is now married and has FOUR kids….and his wife, Rhea Durham is BEAUTIFUL. Hats off to her for having  4 beautiful children Ella Rae, 7, Michael, 4, Brendon, 2, and Grace 1.

Hmm…I’m thinking there might be more kids in their future, Mark is the youngest of 9 children. WOW.

Rhea might be one of my new fave Hollywood mommies.

Hats off to Rhea. I am just in awe that she has 4 kids. To me, that is such an accomplishment. I love her in “mommy” mode around town in her jeans and tee, keeping it cute and classy. And on the red carpet she cleans up beautifully and is absolutely gorgeous and glowing. She blew away a ton of mommies at the Golden Globes with her effortless beauty and simple coral dress. SOooooo stunning.

Big props to Rhea, many many more children and happy years of marriage for her and Mark.

(See how side tracked I get about hot mommies and fashion. I had every intention of doing a write up about The Fighter…oh well, go see the movie and decide for yourself!)

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