A Mother’s Love

So….. it’s Valentines Day. And as I was playing with Mo and B I felt some nostalgia and was inspired to write a rap poem. I’m no Emily Dickenson. It’s more along the lines of the haiku I wrote about a tree in 10th grade. But sometimes love has a way of finding the words…


A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is unspoken.

It’s when I silently watch you sleep

Or when you smile, how my heart skips a beat.

A mother’s love is natural.
You didn’t come with a manual, but somehow I figured it out.
You may question my choices, but my love you never doubt.

A mother’s love is comforting.
When you fall, my kiss is mightier than a drug.
When you lose the big race, nothing compares to my hug.

A mother’s love is unselfish.
I advocate for you when you might not understand.
I sacrifice knowing it will make you a better man.

A mother’s love is eternal.

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