Dear Nora, Love Mariah

Sooo….I had an imaginary conversation with Mariah. Since she is pregnant with twins and expecting this Spring, she needed my expertise.

Mariah: Oh hello Nora, my beautiful Bestie.

Me: What is it Mariah?

Mariah: Well, oh great one, you know my twins are due soon and I need some fashion advice.

Me: Ok my Grammy award winning, chart topping friend. I am at your disposal.

Mariah: Nick is I am packing my hospital bag and I wondering what to wear while recovering in the hospital after delivery. I don’t wanna wear one of those icky hospital gowns.

Nora: Never fear my 8-octave singing BFF. I know the perfect thing. Baby Be Mine Maternity (great line started by 2 European mommies) has THE CUTEST hospital gowns. Fun/cute patterns, they snap down the back, unsnap easily for breastfeeding, and come in 3 sizes.

Mariah: You are the best Nora! I shall name my 1st born after you: Nick and NORA.

Nora: No problem Mimi. Take it easy, and stop stalking me so much! Love ya much!!!!!

Yes, I just had a totally ficticious convo with Mariah Carey. Why should kids be the only ones to have imaginary friends?! Geez.

Chic hospital gowns are a great gift for any mommy to be, and a super hot trend with discriminating LA moms. Featured on countless tv shows and celebs. Such a great idea….think about all the pics you’ll be taking of Little Johnny. Who wants to be wearing a polyester trainwreck worn by a zillion other lactating mommies? Yuck. These are cute and functional. Give your newborn the gift of fashion by wearing something fabulous by wearing a fashionable frock when he 1st sees you. Afterall, ♥1st impressions are everything♥!

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