Great Coupon Deals

The one thing I hate taking care of is my car. Oil change, car wash, getting gas, tire pressure….blah, blah blah. Just typing that gave me a headache.

However, Bronson makes a mess in the car. When we take Mo to drop off in the morning, I have noticed the parent who helps Mo out sort of lets her eyes wander around the backseat floor with a very disapproving look.

Why wouldn’t she? There’s so much to see! Goldfish crumbs, granola bar wrappers, chicken bones, Jamba Juice stains….soccer balls, Hot Wheels, Lego pieces. Oh don’t judge me!!!!

So…..when I came across a coupon for 3 Full Service Car Washes (includes clean and vacuum the interior of car, wash the full exterior, and clean wheels) I jumped on it. $18 for 3 car washes really sounded like a deal to me.

THEN when I got to the website to purchase the coupon for Fashion Square Car Wash, I HIT THE JACKPOT!!!!! is a part of Clipper Magazine. You know that coupon magazine you get in the mail that most people throw away. Uhn-uhn…not me! They have broken down different regions of California (Chino Hills, Ontario, Pasadena, Anaheime, San Fernando Valley, Burbank, San Diego, Ventura, Huntington Beach, etc) and offer special deals AT LEAST 50% off local retailers.

Some of the steals:
65% off Clippers tickets

50% off Hoagies and Wings

50% off Swirls Desserts

The deals change and they seem to be expanding and adding new retailers, so check them out. It’s very easy to purchase online and you can give as a gift as well.

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