Can We Get A Good Picture?

I always talk about how hard it is to get pictures of me with the boys. Since Annie Leibovitz isn’t on my speed dial, I rely on friends and family to get in some candids of us whenever possible. It is always a disater adventure.

It would be nice if Mo looked at the camera, and if I looked like I had a torso and lower body

What a great time to try and poke my brother’s eye out

Umm…why is a 2 year old holding an open RED Sharpie???!!!

Really Mo?

Oopsie…I was having a Mariah moment

Why in the world does Bronson keep looking off to the side?!

Oh gee….some genius put his bike nearby. No wonder he’s not interested in the photo shoot.

Yes Mo, this is the puurfect time to show off your Kung Fu skills

Oh yeah, do a cannonball now too…thanks

Good job Mom. You finally figure out your 2 year old is about to tag everything with a red Sharpie

Believe it or not, we actually got a few decent ones too


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