How I Weaned My Son From Breastfeeding

The question I am asked most pertains to losing baby weight and getting back in shape.

The #2 most asked question is about weaning from breastfeeding.

*male readers will leave now*

I nursed my sons for a year. Mo went a little longer bc he was harder to wean and much more hard headed attached than B.

All the “experts” will give you different info, but this is what worked for me.

1. Gradually drop feedings– Some feedings really aren’t necessary and you might actually be doing them just out of habit. I found it easiest to drop feedings around mealtime and start substituting solid food/meals for nursing. Also, you don’t want to get too engorged so let your body adjust as well. If you wean too abruptly, it could be painful. I dropped 1-2 feedings a day until I was completely done.

2. Keep Little Johnny busy– When I dropped feedings that weren’t at mealtime, I just made sure we were at the park, on a walk, or playing. This reassured me that my child didn’t really need to nurse and was content doing something else. I always made sure to have snacks with me in case he got hungry. But as long as we were busy he didn’t even think about nursing.

3. Be consistent and firm– Once you decide you are weaning, stick with it. Don’t go back and forth. It’s not good for your body and will confuse Little Johnny.

4. Don’t worry– My 1st son was so attached, I thought weaning would be impossible. Once I made up my mind to wean, it took about a week and I was done. Just remember to relax and know Little Johnny will be ok. Nursing is a great bond and a wonderful gift for mommy and baby. However, when you decide to wean for w.e reason, it will all work out. Don’t stress over it.

5. Have a bedtime routine for Little Johnny– I made the mistake of nursing Mo to sleep. He quickly associated nursing with sleeping and wasn’t taught to put himself to sleep. However, we always had a bedtime routine so he was well aware when it was time for some shut eye. Once I weaned his final feeding, he adjusted nicely and was comforted by the nightly routine.


**Most women wean the feeding before bedtime last. If you have someone in your house that can help it might make the process easier. I know moms that had dad, nanny, or grandparent do the night time routine. This made it easier for mom and Little Johnny bc baby didn’t associate nursing with these people. Falling asleep without nursing was much easier and not expected when someone else did it.

To drop my final feeding, I did it in incriments for 3 days. I followed our regular bedtime routine. When it came to nursing, I gradually decreased feeding time. The 1st night I nursed for 10 minutes and put baby down. That was the hardest night bc he was used to just sucking to sleep and had never really gone to sleep in his crib slightly awake. The next night I nursed for 6 minutes and put baby down. The final night 3 minutes and night night. By the 4th night, my milk was pretty much gone and I knew I would just be a human pacifier so I rocked him a little then put him in the crib. It wasn’t without a little fuss, but he got the message. At that point, my milk was gone so there wasn’t any other choice.

**Give Little Johnny a “lovey” or stuffed animal. Sometimes kids just want comfort or something familar. Mo didn’t have one, but B did and I really think it made a big difference.

**Talk to other moms. Moms are a great resource of information. You will also find a nice support in addition to great tips.


For more information, check out these sites:

La Leche League



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