Teacher Slaps Student

What is going on at Los Angeles schools?!

Students shooting students, janitors shooting principals, and police officers shooting themselves….Wow. None of this was going on when I was in high school.

The latest development is a teacher slapping a female student.

Now, many people are up in arms about this. NOT ME.

I can think of 10 female students I wanted to slap back in my day (5 of them are probably reading this…lol)

Kids are so different now. When I was in school, I really looked up to and respected my teachers. I even remember being the trusty babysitter for a few. I was a brown noser model student and wanted nothing short of my teachers’ praise.

I still have immense respect and admiration for teachers and administrators in the education system. It cannot be easy to deal with the youth of today and definitely takes a lot of patience, passion, and love.

Ildiko Lewis, a foreign language teacher at Calabasas High School, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge Jan. 10 after reportedly slapping a female student during class. Detective J.T. Manwell of the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station said the decision to file the charge was prompted by the teacher’s initial lack of remorse at the time of the incident. But he said she later seemed apologetic.

Now that’s GANGSTA!!! Ms. Lewis stood by her pimp smack.

I don’t know any details about the situation or anything about the student. Disgruntled parents have asked how I would feel if that was Mo or B who got smacked. If either of my kids were being disrespectul, unruly, cheating, etc…..she shouldn’t have smacked them, she should have taken them outside and paddled their little bad azz!

For the record, teacher Ray Lewis is 69 years old and perhaps had some flashbacks to the old school methods.

I might need to get her # for some babysitting. Let her set Mo and B straight a few times!!!

I say give Ms. Lewis an early retirement package and send her to Maui for some pretty drinks with umbrellas. I’m sure she’s seen a lot and put up with a lot of foolishness.

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