Where Are The Boys

Recently, I spent the 1st night alone in my house.

No Mo. No Bronson.

I have never been so bored in my life!

Yes….moms always want (and need) time alone. But in my moment of solitude, I realized what a huge chunk of my life and happiness truly center around my kids.  I live daily to help them grow into the young men they were born to be.

The house was empty and so was I.

I had a car with a full tank of gas in my driveway. I never left.

A closet full of sassy clothes. I stayed in sweats.

All my friends were in town and ready to hang out. I sat on my couch.

Food in the fridge and great restaurants surrounding me. I ate a pear and kettle corn.

And though this might sound dull, knowing Mo and B would return tomorrow, I was completely happy.

After watching Twillight Eclipse (TEAM JACOB) I wandered into each boy’s room and inhaled their scent and thought deeply about what I want for each of them.

The answer came easily.

I want them to find the 1 thing they live every moment for;

the 1 thing that when it’s gone, they feel empty;

the 1 thing they wanna make the right choices in life for;

the 1 thing they can’t live without.


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