Elle Macpherson Intimates

When I hear that a celebrity has a shoe or clothing line, IDC. I pretty much run in the opposite direction.

To me, that’s like McDonald’s trying to serve pizza. If that isn’t your specialty or what you’re known for, then I have no interest.

Not that I don’t have faith in people, put I have this belief that clothing and shoe design is such a perfect art form. I am loyal to the experts that have devoted extensive time researching and studying this craft.

So, when I fell in love with a bra designed by a model, I couldn’t believe it.

Supermodel, Elle Macpherson has a line of intimates. WHO KNEW? Not me.

Usually my top criteria for a bra is to give jaw dropping good push up and cleavage. But lately my tastes have shifted.

I run around town so much shuttling the kids and attending kid events in my mommy uniform sweats and tanks. But for some reason, it makes me feel good to know that underneath my 100% cotton is something pretty and lacey (if only the soccer dads knew, huh?). It’s kind of like my secret.

Yes, I have Bronson’s morning oatmeal on my shirt pocket, my hair hasn’t been washed in a week, and I’m still wearing yesterday’s pants, but BY GOLLEY, there is something special going on beneath it all!

Elle’s entire line is truly spectactlar and really sexy with soft deatils of lace and adornments. Supermodel Elle (47 years old) is a mother of 2 boys, 12 year old Flynn and 7 year old Cy. Perhaps it’s the combination of her impressive supermodel career and her motherhood journey that helps her understand a mom’s need to connect with our sexy/feminine side while parenting.

And get this….she even has a SEXY NURSING BRA in her collection. OMG. WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS NURSING?! I remember walking around town with basically a tube sock and Lansinoh covering my mammary glands. This is GORGEOUS! I would love to pop out a couple more kids to nurse and enjoy walking around in this one.

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