Why I Love Boys

I remember when I was high school and we had a class discussion about what we wanted in our future. There were numerous responses from, “I want to be a teacher”, “I want to marry someone rich”, to “I want to be a hunter” (I went to school in the South).

My answer was easy. I wanted 4 kids, all boys.

I’ve always loved kids. All my friends had younger siblings and I have fond memories of always being their favorite older friend bc I was never mean to the little ones and always made time to tickle them or let them brush my hair (SN: why do lil girls ♥loooove♥ brushing other people’s hair so much???)

Soooooo….after having 2 boys, and seeing so many friends with sassy lil girls, I still stand firm on my love of boys.

Here’s why boys rock:

1. THEY ARE BASIC DRESSERS– My boys don’t fuss about their hairstyle, name brands/designs, or what colors they wear. They would literally wear the same exact thing to school every day and not even notice or care. White tank top and sweats, no problem. I can barely even get Bronson to wear shoes. He is happiest when dressed like a caveman, barefeet and a diaper.

2. THEY ARE BASIC EATERS- I have this whole thing about trying to do a fancy sit down dinner with Mo and B. They never go for it. Mealtime for them is just a distraction from playtime and rough housing. They scarf down w.e is on there plate in 4 bites then resume their physical activity. No matter how many elaborate choices I give them for food, they always want w.e is the easiest and fastest to make. They choose hot dogs and Ruffles over Quiche and Bon Bons every time.

3. THEY ARE EASY TO PLEASE– My boys are self sufficient. Once they find an interest, they can be occupied for HOURS!!! Mo is happy with playing wii, sports, or legos all day. He only needs liquids to re-fuel and I normally have to bug him and make him drink. Bronson is happy to play with his truck, cars, and motorcycles for HOURS!!! I love it.

4. THEY ARE SO SIMPLE– All my boys need right now are sleep, food, and a hobby.

5. THEY MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS– My kids do not care about school politics, who I’m talking on the phone with, or which moms I conversate with at the park. They are never in my mouth when I’m gossiping talking to people. And as long as they know this is a one way street, that I will TOTALLY be eavesdropping and asking a million questions as they get older, we are KEWL!

6. THEY LOVE MOM– No matter how lame or corny Mo and B think I am, or how tough they try and pretend to be, they always want to start and end their day with a ♥HUG♥ from mom.

*Plus I don’t need some sassy, big mouth, tempermental, high maintenance fashionista trying to steal my spotlight* I LOVE my BOYS!!!!

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