A Lil Bit Of Love

My favorite part about being a mom is going to all the birthday parties and getting FREE CAKE!!!

This little luxury makes being a mom have purpose and excitement.

So, when I discovered a childhood friend started her own business making “cake pops” and other sweets, I was overjoyed.

A Lil Bit of Love makes Cake pops. Never heard of them? They are basically cake on a lollipop stick, or a cupcake on a lollipop stick.

Me and the boys tried the chocolate cake pops and FELL IN LOVE! I think Mo and B loved them because they are bite size. The cake pops were perfect because they could easily hold it and the taste is really powerful in just a few bites.

The beauty of a cake pop is that it is round and somehow that seems to help enclose the moisture of the cake and really lock it in. They are so moist, it is hard to believe it is cake, and not fudge or a brownie. You truly have to taste it to understand what I’m saying.

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love cake and cupcakes, but it’s something about A Lil Bit of Love’s cake pops that keep you wanting more…they are absolutely scrumptous.

I love supporting friends and mothers. My friend Dawn (mom of 1) started her business out of her love for cooking. In addition to cake pops, A Lil Bit of Love makes chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, caramels, and cake cookies. She is based out of Atlanta, GA and will deliver for FREE within 15 miles of metro Atlanta. And only charges $10 for delivery for up to 40 miles outisde of metro ATL.

If I still lived in ATL, I’d be calling on Dawn for daily deliveries like I was ordering Dominos!!! But don’t fret….all her baked goods can be delivered out of state and she uses only overnight and priority mail to ensure freshness. Their prices are extremely reasonable for the high quality and great tasting sweet goodness!

I cannot say how delicious her treats are!!!! The packaging is really cute too, so they make great favors for weddings, showers, dinner parties, and birthdays. Mo has already requested cake pops for his next birthday party and I happily obliged.

A Lil Bit Of Love gets the official seal of approval from Mo and B!!!!!

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