Eyebrow Waxing Sucks

Once I became a mom, I quickly learned how to prioritize my life. The little luxuries that were my regular rituals quickly got pushed towards the bottom of the list. Bye bye monthly facials, regular brow waxing, haircuts, and mani/pedis. I just didn’t have the time, energy, or desire to do these things on a regular basis anymore. My new life was playdates, nursing, sports practice, and dropoff/pickup.

Six years after having my 1st child, I have weaned my way back into my beauty rituals. Well sort of. If I have an event or will be in the presence of adults other than a PTA meeting or soccer game, I will at least attempt to rid myself of my unibrow.

So, recently I made an appt with a new lady to have my brows waxed.

*record scratch* Ok, I’m just gonna stop myself right here…

Women, we all know, that finding an amazing brow girl is harder than finding a good man. SO WHY OH WHY am I cheating on my wonderful lady???!!!

Yes, the story goes downhill from here. Why oh why would I cheat on my gal who I have been going to for YEARS? I was completely satisfied in so many ways. She’s been there for me to discuss both kids, my divorce, dating, my new love, etc. I am such a fool. Motherhood has made me too lazy to drive over the hill for 20 minutes and spend a few extra dollars. Oh, and not to mention, she trims and coifs brows better than ANYONE who has ever gone near my retinas with wax.

So, of course the cheaper lady within 2 minutes of my house jacked up my brows (I need a black Sharpie now). And on top of driving around for 8 minutes trying to find metered parking outside her place, she was examining my brows, and says, “Now….what are we gonna do about your uppper lip?” REALLY?! Biatch please, your tip just got cut in half.

Moral of the story: Sometimes inconvenience and paying more is worth it.

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